The Goodies

or the chapter formerly known as “miscellaneous” (but to write “miscellaneous” is harder than mastering the E-major chord, so I’ll stick with “The goodies” from now on ;-) )

1963 Jaguar mute assembly

This thing goes in there and then something rocks on this and something is underneath, too.

Exploring the Mastery Bridge

With the support of Deimel Guitarworks (Berlin, Germany) I finally got hold of a Mastery bridge, which arrived by mail today.
Since the packaging was as interesting as it was surprising, I thought I might as well start a little documentation of my usage of the bridge and if there really is a difference, compared to my trusty and very well set up workhorse Jazzmaster.

Fender’s factory specs – ’62 Vintage Reissue Models

Some specs, b/c why not.

Fender’s factory specs – The Classic Player Jazzmaster Special

Some specs some more

Fix moving/rattling screws – The McGuyver way

Martin, a frequent visitor of this page, contacted me with a simple and effective fix for moving bridge screw issues.

Fredboard radius helper

I needed a quick way to determine if my bridges allow for a good setup regarding the fretboard radius. Normally I would trust my eyes and fingers to determine if the distance of the strings from the fretboard is roughly the same arc as the fredboard’s radius… but wouldn’t it be nice to have a little helper to check the radius while fiddling with the saddle-height screws?

How does a ’97 ‘Crafted in Japan’ reissue Jaguar compare to an original 1965 model?

– a comparison by John Phillips ‘Unquiet’, Scotland. originally appeared in Chris Greene’s ‘Fenderforum’.

Jaguar pickups: 1963 vs. 1964

To stag or not to stag? And what is the correct way of those short pickup claws?

The Claws

Treble side? Bass side? You decide.

Jazzmaster Morphology: Late 1960’s Orphans

by Greg Gagliano – Copyright 1996, 20th Century Guitar Magazine

Jazzmaster pickups: vintage and MIJ

Can you hear the difference?

Miniature model of John Frusciante’s Jaguar

Well, this really is a short-scale. :-)

Miniature model of Kurt Cobain’s Jaguar

Short of perfect…

Parts comparision: tremoloplate – cij vs. vintage

Can you tell the differences?

Restoration of a ’66 Jaguar

This is an article about the recovery of a 1966 Jaguar, that originally appeared as a post in on the forum. It was written by “sookwinder”, who also took the pictures, and who also gave his kind permission for me to use them here.


Vamos a la wire

Setup for Jaguar and Jazzmaster

This is a feature I found in 1999. The website it originally appeared in is long offline, so I typed this from the print-outs I made then. If anyone has this source online, I’ll gladly add the link.

Setting up the Tremolo-System

This feature is about the Jaguar’s and Jazzmaster’s tremolo system, one of the smoothest and tuning-stable systems out there. It is not designed for “dive-bombs”, but within normal range it’s ace. Plus it has the unique “trem-loc” feature – a feature that many people just don’t know about. I came across several guitar repair/maintenance guys who just didn’t know what this feature is about. Time to change that. :-)

Sound samples of vintage and reissue Jaguars and Jazzmasters

A sound is worth a 1000 pictures.

Taming the Stringbuzz

by Nate Barnes. Originally posted in the Fenderforum.

The Interactive Jaguar

A flash-based simulation of the switches and controls on the Fender Jaguar.

Troubleshooting: The buzz about the buzz…

originally appeared on the Fenderforum, posted by Scopo, Australia (Notes by Tom Arnold).

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