Fredboard radius helper

I needed a quick way to determine if my bridges allow for a good setup regarding the fretboard radius. Normally I would trust my eyes and fingers to determine if the distance of the strings from the fretboard is roughly the same arc as the fredboard’s radius… but wouldn’t it be nice to have a little helper to check the radius while fiddling with the saddle-height screws?

Well, fret no more (chrchrchr), I hereby introduce my low-tech, homegrown, DIY fretboardradius-checker.

Be sure to print out the PDF at 100% (do not use the preview jpg image since it is NOT to scale), attach it to some stronger material (I used spraymount on a piece of cardboard) and cut it out along the curved line with a sharp exacto knife.

You can cut it to fit your need anywhere, as long as you keep some section of the curved line intact.

I have made 7.25″ and 9.5″ radi.

Download the fretboardchecker (PDF, 86kb)

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