Fix moving/rattling screws – The McGuyver way

Martin, a frequent visitor of this page, contacted me with a simple and effective fix for moving bridge screw issues.

Some days ago Martin send this via email:

[… ] I see a lot of ppl are complaining about loosening screws on the bridge. Both on the saddles and on the bridge. That was my problem too and I must admitt I was desperate. Man, there’s nothing worse than loosing string height (tone and playability) during a gig. I play post rock so I need to hit the jag a bit harder sometimes. so i was thinking about the loctite or some sort of glue. but i saw ppl were worried that they cant do any further adjustments once its glued.
Yesterday I came up with an idea that is so simple and works so good that I nearly died of my own stupidity.
I can send u the pics of what I was doing but I simply unscrewed all the screws of the bridge and saddles and I stuck a piece of fiber (thread) through each hole. Then tighten the screws and as I was tightening them the fiber was going more and more inside the screw hole. Then it became really tight and I can now hardly move the screws so they are not loose anymore.
AND I can make further adjustments whenever I want. Now my 50th anniversary is a beast!
Just letting you know there IS actualy a solution to the common problems just by using something that’s in every house.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I’ve seen a similar trick used on furniture screws in my old flat so I guess it really should do the trick.

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