The Interactive Jaguar

A flash-based simulation of the switches and controls on the Fender Jaguar.

Lo and behold!! Flash, the technique that has brought the Interactive Guitar to life in 2001, is now officially DEAD. Where "now" is: 2020.
But due to the wonderful an mysterious ways the interwebs works, I found out that the great "" has a project that is collecting old Flash animations and -games, and by poking around how they actually are able to play Flash / swf files in the browser, I found out about - a Flash emulator.
And this is what is now reanimating my old Flash-based "Interactive Jaguar" - after nearly 5 years of hibernating! Wheee.

Currently there's a bug and no sound will be played when the rhythm circuit is active and its volume is fully engaged. Maybe some soldering has come loose in the meantime. :-)
The fix is to roll back the volume a tiny bit. Hey, it is an old Interactive Guitar, after all.

A yes, now instead of a Flashplayer, this needs activated JavaScript, sorry. But for the first time ever, it works in iOS, too O_o :-)) There's a bug, though: the text is missing in the intro page, but if you click on the guitar in the contour-only view that's visible in iOS at the beginning, you'll get to the guitar. here again, the texts in the descriptions are missing, but the controls work.

Maybe if I find the orignal .fla files in my archive I can fix the text/font issue, I think the .swf use a font that is not present on iOS and that is not embedded in the .swf file. But honestly, interacting with the controls on a touch device is not bery pleasant. Keep in mind that this thing was build nine years before the advent of the first iPhone. :)

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