"Ultimate Jazzmaster Comparison" - Alamo Music Center

"We finally have our new American Professional II Jazzmasters in the store and ready to showcase! As a huge fan of the Fender Jazzmaster, Cooper needed to get his hands on all of these to do a proper comparison-- with upgrades from the predecessor American Professional line including a beveled heel carve, V-Mod II pickups, the return of the "rhythm circuit" controls, and new finishing options, these guitars are up to the excellent standard we've seen from the American Pro II line. Take a listen as we compare the new and the old, as well as the big-brother American Ultra line, and discuss the benefits that each line presents."

I'm glad I've found this comparison -- at the rate that Fender puts out new models and variations of the design in recent years, I'm somewhat left behind. :-)
Having a AM Pro JM and still not liking the position of that 3way toggle, I was amazed to see that the AM Pro II JM kind of returned back to the traditional controls.

Now the American Ultra… it's cool to have these 3 side by side. Thanks Alamo Music Center for this video. :-*

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