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Feature update: "The Search" is back, "The Links" are retired.

After moving the site's motor from WordPress to ProcessWire, the site search was gone.

Gone it is no more, yesterday I programmed the search functionality for it, and it seems to work quite well.

I am a bit reluctant, to me offering a seach is a sign that one does not trust the navigation pattern of a site. On the other hand, if someone is looking for "setup", a quick search will be faster than having to read through the navigation items and doing the guesswork that it could be found under the 'goodies' section.

I put "The Search" up in the main navigation, replacing the "The Links" item. It makes me a bit sad, but many of the links and resources I collected there are dead, so it is of no great use anymore. For example, Fender corp at one point decided to change their website's structure, and they didn't take care about the old urls they where using before the switch -- so many links to tools and setup articles that may be still online on their site cannot be reached through the old links. To make things worse, in an attempt to satisfy international users, Fender's site will try to localize the content (and the url) depending on what they think the current user's browser language and region is. This makes it extremely tedious for me here in Germany to find out the links that'll work for my mostly international visitors.

So as a result I decided to ditch the links section. It is still online, but I won't update it too much anymore.

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