Oh my, modern times

No news is good news, but this news is kind of good news as well.

Hiya, long time no news. Recently I updated the php version of the webrocker.de domain to 7. this seemd to have killed the (very ancient) gallery plugin I am using here, and so I had to deactivate it. Which unfortunately but somehow not surprisingly results in having no gallery pictures at the moment.

Since I wanted to reshape this site’s code anyway, to make it better usable on mobile devices, I decided to go for the full package: I swap out WordPress for ProcessWire, I redesign the site’s front end and I make an experiment: I do all this in the open. I registered the shiny new domain “offset.guitars” a while ago, and since this wednesday the new ‘Higher Evolution’ site is being developed over there. A first rough but mobile friendly design is established, and about half of the contents are already migrated. Once all the content and the gallery images are migrated, I will switch over to the new domain. Let’s see how long this takes.

I am sorry if you’re missing the galleries for now, but I think the effort to get the ancient code to work is better spent in the mobile-friendly revamp of the whole site :-)

rock on,

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