Fender American Pro Jazzmaster / Jaguar review

Vanessa and Mike took the newest Fender Offset offerings for a test ride, and now I want to have a grey Jazzmaster with maple neck.

Fender American Pro Jazzmaster and Jaguar are fundamentally good guitars, especially for the price. They felt and sounded great once dialed in, and most importantly, we had fun trying them out. We had some very minor complaints overall, but very little that would stop us from recommending them. The only possible deal breaker is the string spacing issue, but that could be easily corrected by swapping the bridge for a Mastery or Staytrem, which so many of us do already. Just like the impending new year, everything’s different but nothing is different at all.


If there's one person I'd buy a Jag or Jazzmaster from, without even seeing it, just trusting his expertise, it would have to be Mike from Mikeandmikes Guitar bar. So I'm very happy to have stumbled over this first impression/review blog post of the new 'affordable' (ahem) Offset guitars that Fender releases in 2017. The too near to the fretboard's edge placing of the e strings is a problem that inititally my Johnny Marr Jaguar also had -- seems that just putting in a Mustang bridge, without modding the barrels, isn't the best of ideas, playability wise. The newly placed toggle switch sound like something that could be an issue for me, need to check this out in person. The Sonic Grey finish with the maple neck -- I'm totally into it. The greenbluewhatever finish (Mystic Seafoam) is not my cup of color, I'm afraid. Can't wait to try these out myself, hope that the local music store will get hold of some, soon.

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