The Crew

Ok, that’s a bit far stretched… The “crew” is basically me – Jaguar and Jazzmaster enthusiast, graphic designer, and amateur musician (danger, German language ahead ;-) ).

But virtually you belong to the crew as well – many visitors of this page contribute images of their guitar to the galleries, share info, and keep my motivation running.

Another virtual arm of this site is formed by the inhabitants of the Fenderforum, esp. the Jaguar and Jazzmaster section – I visit the place on a regular basis and look out for new pictures and info and try to keep up with the latest buzz.

If you like to leave a comment or question, you are welcome to use the guestbook. If you like to get in contact, send me an email or find me on twitter: @webrocker.

PS: I am in no way affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

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