Johnny Marr Jag in the house

Wow, I treated myself to a Johnny Marr Jaguar, after spending the better half of an hour testdriving it.

"Making this signature Jaguar has been a four year journey," said Marr. "I've taken all the aspects of the guitar in every direction I could, to improve it without losing the classic features that I liked from the original design. It's been a labour of love and obsession, and a privilege. I've used it for everything I've done since I started making it. It's my perfect guitar."
- Johnny Marr

Expect my review soon (here's one that seems close to my initial observations), for now I can only part with the first impressions:
The altered circuit and the rewound pickups offer a variety of sounds.
The pickups are not reverse wound reversed polarities, so the "both-on" position will not be hum-cancelling - def. a feature from the originals that I'm going to miss.
The both-on, in series position (left-most position on the new 4-way slider) adds a mighty punch.
The neck feels very good, suits my hands.
The tremolo with added nylon-insert helps keeping the trem-arm in place, no uncontrolled swinging around.

I'm very curious how this Jag ('s sounds) will compare to my main guitar in the band-situation.
Stay tuned.

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