Incredible but true: In more or less one week of fiddling in the after work hours and during the week ends, I have made a complete technical and slightly graphical overhaul of the "Higher Evolution…" web site.

In the first major re-work in like nine years (maaaaan, isn't time flying?), I switched the content management from the blog-based WordPress to ProcessWire, which should speed up the site quite noticable. I reworked the front ed code to a mobile first responsive approach, and the shiny new PHP 7 should also speed things up some.

This is still work in progress, but today I will start to redirect requests from the old www.webrocker.de/jaguar/ URL to the new offset.guitars Domain.

I hope you still find what you're looking for in this new house; I moved most of the old furniture in here. :-)

Rock on,

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